Our story

Our operation at Tagadi dates back to 2013, when we held a bee with friends and acquaintances, who gathered in order to clean the forest with the purpose of creating a home for the Estonian Horse Center. The owner’s great passion for dogs gave birth to the idea to merge both horse and dog activities. This is how the first tiny training site was established at Tagadi.
Today the training site has grown into a full-featured training center encompassing an area of 75,000 m2.
The dog training center awaits both serious dog sportsmen and doglovers, who want to spend time with their dogs. You are welcome to the dog training center with your whole family, the children have a playground in the park.
02. Tagadi Dog Center advantages

Reasons to visit Tagadi Training Center

It is a Training Center that features all possibilities

Our (Dog)Training Center has three training sites, an indoor training hall, a lit stadium, and a lit parking area. The cosy community house is open for recreational and conference purposes.

Wonderful Location

Tagadi Dog Training Center is located about a 30 minute car ride away from Tallinn - encircled by woods and away from the noise of the city.How to get there? Drive on the Tallinn-Viljandi highway for 22 km, then turn right onto Sisaliku tee (=Sisaliku road) after Tagadi bus stop. Then keep left and there you are! Look at the location here.

Spacious Indoor Training Hall

The spacious and bright indoor hall with its area of 600m2 is ideal for training even in poorer weather conditions. The floor of the indoor hall is covered with rubber mats, which reduces the impact on the dog's paws.

Illuminated Stadium

The 85x45 meter full-length illuminated stadium provides the opportunity to train and school your dogs from early morning until late at night.

Diverse Adventure Park

In the adventure park for dogs, there are 12 landscape attractions, which offers merry activities to both dogs and their owners. Read about the attractions here.

Defence Training Site

Our Defence Training Site has 6 stationary blinds.

Obedience Training Site

Our Obedience Training Site has a 1m barrier and an A barrier.

Cosy Community House

The cozy and spacious two-storey log cabin with a kitchenette is good for hold seminars, training sessions or corporate parties. The house can service up to 80 guests.

Warm Toilet House

Customers laude! There is a warm and comfortable toilet house open to all guests, featuring washing possibilities.

Use of the Training Hall:

• Please reserve it for at least 24h in advance so we can guarantee your access to the hall.
• All dogs must be walked well before entering the training hall, and if necessary, the dog should be taken out again during the training. In case of peeing / pooing into the hall there is a penalty of € 20
• Dogs must be healthy and vaccinated according to current requirements
• Use the hall prudently and restore to the original situation when leaving the hall.
• Keep to your reserved booking time.
• When training bitches in heat: have them wear trousers and wait for your training session outside the hall.
• Make sure the door treshold is clean, otherwise it will not close correctly.
• Inform info@tagadi.ee immediately about broken inventory.



To make a booking, it is necessary to create a user account at the first time (the next time you can sign in with the same user account). We will then send a validation link to your email, after which your account will be registered and you will be able to book an appropriate training time.

07. Team

Assistive Staff

Assistive staff will take care of what you need. A cheerful helping hand is just a call away.

Gerda Mändsalu


Key Kunman


Argo Kahar

09. Pricing

Our Price-list

Check out our Price List and book a next training for you!

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